Tarsal Coalition


A tarsal coalition is an abnormal connection between two bones. Typically, people are born with the condition but symptoms may not develop until later in life. The connection may be made of bone or other tissues. The extra bridging of these bones may result in abnormal foot mechanics and pain.


Pain, fatigue, muscle spasms, stiffness, and/or foot deformity may be caused by abnormal bridging of bones in the foot.

What to Expect When You See the Doctor

Your doctor may examine your foot and order x-rays. A diagnostic injection at the site of the coalition can be helpful to see if this does decrease your symptoms. Advanced imaging such as MRI is often helpful to confirm the diagnosis.


Non-operative treatments include oral or injection anti-inflammatory medications and orthotic devices/ insoles. When pain is not relieved with conservative options surgery may be recommended. Your doctor will determine the best surgical approach based on your age, overall health, any arthritic changes, and your activity level.

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