In the foot, the term neuroma is often used to describe a benign thickening of nerve tissue that may develop between the third and fourth toes. Repetitive motions, high heeled or tight fitting shoes which require one to be on the ball of the foot may bring on symptoms.


Symptoms may include burning, tingling, numbness, pain or a feeling that something is inside the shoe at the ball of the foot. Symptoms may go away with rest but will return with activities or ill-fitting shoes. Symptoms may worsen over the period of weeks or months. People with certain foot deformities such as bunions or hammertoes may be more prone to developing a Morton’s neuroma.

What to Expect When You See the Doctor

Your doctor may examine your foot and try to elicit symptoms by compressing the nerve. X-rays may be ordered to evaluate for any contributing foot deformities.


You will be asked about the duration and severity of your symptoms. Non-surgical treatment may involve injections (cortisone or dilute alcohol), padding- such as a metatarsal pad, shoe modifications or orthotics devices. Surgery may be considered in patients who have not responded to conservative care. Excision of the nerve is often a permanent solution.

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