Os Trigonum Syndrome


The Os trigonum is an extra bone found in some people at the back of the ankle. People who have this extra bone may develop a painful condition characterized by inflammation of the bone and its attachments to the back of the ankle. Activities which require repeated downward pointing of the toes or an injury where the toes were forcibly pointed downward may bring on symptoms.



A deep aching at the back of the ankle made worse by forcibly pointing the toes in a down direction. Flexing the great toe against resistance in a down direction may also cause pain. The area may be tender to the touch and in some cases, swelling may be observed.


What to Expect When You See the Doctor

Your doctor will examine your foot and likely order x-rays to evaluate the bones at the ankle. MRI may be ordered or diagnostic injection performed to confirm the cause of symptoms.



Treatment is aimed at reducing inflammation. NSAIDs, cortisone injections and immobilization may be prescribed. Surgical treatment is reserved for cases which do not respond to conservative care. Surgery does usually entail removal of the nonessential bone.


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