Hallux Rigidus


Hallux rigidus is an arthritic process involving the great toe joint. The condition is progressive and causes decreased motion at the joint over time. There are many causes, including biomechanics, trauma, or gout, which may contribute to its development.





Pain and swelling which are made worse with activities is typical. Pain may be felt with walking, running, squatting or standing. Symptoms may be made worse with high heeled, flexible or tight fitting shoes.


What to Expect When You See the Doctor

X-rays may help to determine how much arthritis is present and the presence of bone spurs at the joint.



Your doctor may recommend shoe modifications such as use of a shoe with a stiffer sole or a rocker-bottom sole. Orthotics or use of a turf toe plate may be recommended. Cortisone injections may be used for a flare up of the condition. People which do not respond to conservative care may choose to have surgery. 

Your doctor will determine the procedure which is right for you based on your age, activity level, overall health, and severity. Recovery following surgery depends on the procedure which is performed.


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