Sesamoid Injuries


The sesamoids are two bean shaped bones located at the bottom of the foot below the great toe joint. Injury may occur with certain activities such as running or the use of shoes which place excessive pressures on the ball of the foot. Different types of injuries may occur such as a fracture (break) or bruising of the bone.

What to Expect When You See the Doctor

In diagnosing a sesamoid injury your doctor may examine your foot. X-rays or other imaging such as Ultrasound or MRI may be recommended.


Treatment focuses on reducing inflammation and pain. Ice, oral or injection anti-inflammatory medications, and/or immobilization in a special shoe or boot may be recommended. Padding, taping or strapping of the foot may be tried to see if one would respond to the use of insoles/orthotics. Treatment for chronic conditions may involve use of these insoles/orthotics. Surgery is needed in cases where pain does not resolve with conservative care.

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