Lis Franc Injuries


The Lis Franc joint is a complex of small joints in the middle of the foot. Injury can occur to the joint when stress is placed at the joint, as with an auto accident or contact sports.

Additional Information

Injury can occur to the Lis Franc joint when stress is placed at the joint as with an auto accident, with contact sports, dropping something onto the top of the foot, or twisting of the foot/ankle. Injuries may include sprains, fractures or dislocations at the joint. Regardless of the type of injury, prompt attention and appropriate treatment is essential to prevent future complications.


Symptoms may include swelling of the foot, pain in the midfoot when standing or with pressure, bruising or blistering, or abnormal widening of the foot.

What to Expect When You See the Doctor

Lisfranc injuries can be mistaken for ankle sprains or a bone bruise however it is important that they be identified accurately and treated promptly to avoid future complications. Your doctor may examine your foot and ankle. They may order x-ray. Stress views may be helpful with the diagnosis. In some injuries an MRI may be helpful to evaluate the ligaments and joints in more detail.


Non-surgical treatment may involve a course of immobilization and non weight-bearing. It is important that one get off of the foot and avoid weight until they can be seen by a physician. Oral anti-inflammatory medications may be used to control pain and inflammation. Ice should be applied for 20 minutes at a time to the top of the foot in the first few days following the injury. Physical therapy may be prescribed only after the person has adequately healed from the injury. Surgery may be indicated when there is poor alignment or disruption to the ligaments.

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