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April is Foot Health Awareness Month!

Would you see a specialist if you had a problem with your heart? Your back? Why not your feet? Did you know that podiatrists are highly trained and specialized to recognize and treat unique, complex conditions in the feet? Whether it’s a skin condition or fracture of the foot—come see us for your foot- and ankle-related issues!

There are plenty of places to pinch your pennies, but health care isn’t one of them. Pain or other problems in your feet and ankles can have serious implications for your overall health, particularly if you have diabetes, vascular disease, or other chronic conditions. Come see us and get specialized foot and ankle care, with the right diagnosis and the right treatment, right from the start.

Feel better sooner. Urgent care is great for a minor ailment or injury, but it’s not right for every condition. For chronic foot or ankle pain, fractures, or other traumatic injuries, come see us, your local foot and ankle specialists, for the right diagnosis and a proper treatment plan to get you on the mend as quickly as possible.

Do you have diabetes? If so, you should know that 60 to 70 percent of people with diabetes may develop peripheral neuropathy within their lifetime. This is a condition that affects the nerves of the feet, causing numbness, pain, and tingling. It can lead to loss of sensation, meaning you’re more susceptible to injuries and infection. It’s important to see a foot and ankle specialist if you have diabetes for regular foot care to avoid serious complications like infection and even amputation. Make your appointment with our office today!

Pain, burning, or numbness between your toes or in the ball of your foot? It could be a benign growth of nerve tissue called a neuroma. Come see us for proper diagnosis and relief! Podiatric surgery may become necessary when early treatments fail to relieve the progressing discomfort of a neuroma. The procedure removes the inflamed and enlarged nerve, which offers significant relief. Let a podiatrist, who is a specialist in the feet and ankles, help you manage symptoms and prevent long-term damage from a neuroma.

Did you know custom orthotics prescribed by your podiatrist may be useful in controlling foot function and reducing pain? Orthotics can address many foot and ankle conditions, including neuromas, or “pinched nerves” in your feet. Ask us, your foot and ankle specialists, about custom orthotics and what they could do for you!

The skin of your feet may be tougher than anywhere else on your body, but it’s also exposed to more hazards—from foreign bodies to sun exposure when you forget the SPF. If you’ve noticed a change in the skin on your feet or ankles, make an appointment with a podiatrist today. And if you sustain an injury, especially if you have diabetes, give us a call!

- Drs. Opp, Kornblith and Varnay

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