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A Quick Check Before You Head Out On Your Run

Running may be familiar to many but the art is still foreign to most. If you identify with the latter, consider the following tips before you venture out on your first run.

Shoe selection is important to consider if you are going to avoid foot pain in an attempt to improve your overall health through running. So remember, the sneaker should wrap comfortably around your foot. It should not pinch or feel sloppy, and your foot should be centered on the platform of the should without any obvious pressure points. Remember that certain shoes accommodate a narrow or wide foot, so choose a shoes based on the structure of your foot. South Denver Podiatry can help you narrow down your selection and keep you running long and strong.

Check the flexibility of your running shoes before you start or continue on your next run. The absorption material is important in the middle and front of the shoe, so it is important to test it from time to time. If your shoe easily bends in the opposite direction of the way which it normally flexes it could be time to search for a new set of kicks. Also, keep in mind that one shoe may wear out faster than the other due to leg length discrepancies and running surface conditions.
Karolina Varnay

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